The OSCA’s goal in the Aboriginal Focus Area is to deal with the full range of aboriginal socio-economic issues related to oil sands development and maximizing opportunity for aboriginal participation in economic development in Alberta’s oil sands.


Community well-being

Community Well-Being Focus Area’s mission is to maintain the social license to operate in Alberta’s oil sands and surrounding communities while recognizing its responsibility to help promote sustainable development of Alberta’s oil sands.



In order to develop and sustain economic growth in the Athabasca oil sands area (AOSA), we need to efficiently and effectively move people, materials and production into, within, and out of the region, and have ready access to other forms of key infrastructure.


The mission of the Workforce Collaboration area is to provide support to workforce related issues within Alberta’s Oil Sands. It will partner with other active groups to forecast employee numbers, identify required skills, and help to retain a skilled workforce for Alberta’s oil sands