Economic and social changes go hand in hand. Over the last decade, our region has not only experienced unprecedented growth, we have had to contend with extraordinary pressures resulting from our rapidly evolving global industry.

Over the past decade, we have been challenged to find an appropriate combination of skilled workers, affordable housing, community services, health and educational resources and facilities, infrastructure and other amenities needed to meet fluctuating levels of activity.

We have also discovered that by combining our efforts and expertise, we are better able to navigate uncertainty and to push for tangible solutions to the complex challenges that have emerged over time.

However, given the low global commodity prices, rapidly changing market dynamics, and new policy directions in the United States our region, along with the oil sands industry, is facing a new reality.

The combined impact of these and other challenges further highlights the need for industry, municipalities and the province to continue working together to keep communities strong, create jobs, and boost industry competitiveness within the global energy market.

OSCA represents a commitment to maximizing benefits in the communities where we operate through collaborative action in the following four core areas:

While the issues and opportunities continue to change, OSCA has remained committed to a collaborative approach to identify, prioritize and manage the socio-economic impacts of oil sands development.