The Athabasca Oil Sands Area

Canada is home to the fourth-largest volume of proven oil reserves in the world. Over 95% of these reserves are located in three oil sands deposits in Alberta, one of which is the Athabasca Oil Sands Area (AOSA). The oil sands are different than conventional oil deposits. Oil sands are a mixture of sand, water, clay and a type of oil called bitumen. Thanks to innovation and technology, we can recover oil from the oil sands, providing energy security for the future


The AOSA spans a large surface area (roughly 93,259 km2 – that’s the approximate size of Portugal!) that includes the vibrant regions of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, Lac La Biche County and the MD of Opportunity. Surrounded by nature, you can discover historical and cultural experiences such as the rich Indigenous heritage found in the AOSA. If you’re curious about the oil sands, learn more about the communities that make up its heart.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and is home to approximately 72,000 people. The region is a place of incredible economic opportunity, a place for families, a place of innovation, a place of remarkable indigenous strength, a place of natural wonder, a place of strong community spirit, and a place of diversity. Find out more about Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo and why “We are Naturally Enriched”.

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Lac La Biche Region

The Lac La Biche Region identifies as a year-round playground for those in search of authentic outdoor adventure, cultural activities and must-see events. Surrounded by forest and over 150 lakes, the county is home to approximately 8,500 people. Find out more about what makes Lac La Biche “Welcoming by Nature”.

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M.D. of Opportunity

The M.D. of Opportunity is full of cultural and historical opportunities. The area is home to more than 5,400 people including roughly 2,000 residents of the Bigstone Cree Nation Reserves. If you are a nature lover looking for a great outdoor destination, the region is home to eight pristine lakes and five campgrounds.

Visiting the M.D. of Opportunity